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Private Site Development

With the nationís growing need for schools, housing and commercial development, Johansen Excavating is dedicated to the development of our societyís infrastructure.

We take great pride in completing quality projects, on schedule, without injury, with a bottom line we can all be proud of. Johansen Excavating consistently strives to project a professional impression to the owner, and the general contractor, establishing relationships for years to come. We believe in not only building the job, but trust as well.


"Out with the old, and in with the new." With raw land becoming scarce within desirable areas, demolition of existing structures to make way for new is more common than ever. Whether an old home needs to be removed to make way for a new school, a dilapidated grocery store needs to be taken down to make way for new, or a road right of way needs expansion, Johansen Excavating is qualified to demolish and remove any structure with safety, and environmental control as top priority.


Green construction is an ever growing focus in todayís construction projects. Salvage and reuse of onsite materials within the future project keeps rubble out of landfills, and cleaner air with the reduction of heavy trucking needs. Recycled concrete and asphalt can be crushed to any size, replacing crushed rock in almost any application. Johansen Excavating has the resources to transform an import/export project into a self producing green accomplishment, contributing to LEED goals.

Underground Utilities

At the heart of any construction project, underground utility construction plays a vital role in the completion of the project. Inherent risks associated with underground construction can be detrimental to a project without an experienced, knowledgeable team such as Johansen Excavating. We take great pride in the installation of underground utilities safely, efficiently, and productively. From minimal open cut trenches, to deep excavations requiring engineered shoring, Johansen Excavating is a confident, competent contractor qualified to install any underground utility.

Public Works

With the constant need to expand and rebuild the nationís roads and highways, Johansen Excavating has proven itself capable of taking on the challenge.

As a general contractor we self perform traffic control, earthwork, underground utilities, and hauling, as well as managing the many subs required to complete these projects. This is an opportunity we have accepted from many municipalities. With our constant ambition to perform larger, more complex projects, we will play an important role in the field of today, and the road to tomorrow.

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